Escortsidan is a FREE FOREVER Site!

Escortsidan is a FREE forever site. Escortsidan offers a place for Escorts and Cammers to freely advertise their services to customers. Premium features are available and will be purchasable in the future, however placing classified ads, and maintaining a profile WILL ALWAYS BE FREE! Our Mission Escortsidan wants to offer the best place to advertise […]

Read the Rules First!

The Rules:   Fake Profiles are not allowed and will result in you being banned from the site A fake profile could be a customer masquerading as an escort, or a ficticious escort profile to rob customers, or an alias to write false reviews/complaints etc. Fake Images in your profile are not allowed and will […]

Escort Safety Tips & FAQ

First contact As far as possible the first mode of communication should be by telephone. That means avoid directly meeting anybody until you have screened them over the phone. Ask new clients to call first or email you. On your profile, there is a form that they can fill in. You can use this to […]

Client Safety Guide & FAQ

Only book and meet Independent Escorts There are two basic options when arranging to see an Escort: Incall – You visit the Escort. Outcall – The Escort visits you. You should only book appointments with independent Escorts, if you ever suspect anything else, cancel the booking. This is safety tip number 1 and should be […]

9 Tips to get the most out of your profile and attract Clients.

This is a basic guide, or 101, on how to maximise the effectiveness of your profile, and other online advertising, to get more Clients, better Clients and repeat Clients. 1. It’s all about trust. Yes really! As an escort, you are selling services. As with any other sales job, a Client that trusts you, is […]

Tool, Resources and Useful Links

Here are some links to tools, information or resources that we think could be useful to you: Eniro Android App You can use this together with a Smartphone to try to screen Clients. For more advanced solutions you can contact the Admin. Paygoo A prepaid Mastercard you can use to make private payments. […]

A List of Sexy Names

An escort profile should always have the name of a person. If you are having trouble choosing a name, here is a list that you can use for inspiration: Amanda Becky Ana Amber Janet Jackie Devon Kate Danielle Molly Grace Stephanie Alyssa Allison Bambi Bailey Bridgette Lacy Elizabeth Natalia Brooke Buffy Blake Aurora Candice Callie […]

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