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The Rules:


Fake Profiles are not allowed and will result in you being banned from the site

A fake profile could be a customer masquerading as an escort, or a ficticious escort profile to rob customers, or an alias to write false reviews/complaints etc.

Fake Images in your profile are not allowed and will result in your account being suspended.

A fake image, is an picture that is not of you/your toys/incall location. Generic images are allowed if you need to keep your appearance secret, however they cannot be of another escort or woman, and should be of shapes or cartoony, so that it is obvious to any member that the image is not you.

Duplicate Profiles are not allowed.

One person, one account. No exceptions! If you are not sure what constitutes a duplicate account, then please contact the Admin.

Do not lend your profile to anyone else.

One person, one account, do not allow anyone else to advertise using your profile or account.

Stealing text/descriptions from other members is not allowed.

Write your own profile text and advertisements, do not lift text from other members. Members found to be frequently abusing this rule will be suspended. If you need help formulating an attractive profile, please contact the Admin.

Ads for advance payment of escorting services are strictly forbidden for the safety of customers!

Payment for escorting services should be made in person. Any ad asking for payment in advance for escorting services will be assumed to be a scam and the account suspended.
If you are not sure what is allowed, then please contact the Admin.

False Service Listing is not allowed.

Do not list services in your profile that you do not intend to provide. E.g. If you do not offer Anal or OWO, please do not list it. Repeat offenders will be suspended. Do not advertise as a female escort if you are TS, Male or a Couple, there are specific categories for those profiles, no exceptions. Repeat offenders will be suspended and or banned from the site.

Escortsidan is NOT a dating service or social media site.

Do not pester service providers for romantic dates, and do not use this site for chats with service providers, only contact service providers if you intend to purchase from them.

Spamming is not allowed.

Repeatedly adding classifieds and filling the feed with multiple ads is not allowed, and will result in the suspension of your account.

Abusive Behaviour

Bullying, Stalking, Spamming, Pestering or otherwise abusing other members will result in immediate ban from the site.

Links to unauthorised sites

Do not link to other sites that do not link back to Escortsidan. You may link to your own site, but we do ask for a return link. If you need help with this you can contact the Admin.

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