Escort Safety Tips & FAQ

First contact

As far as possible the first mode of communication should be by telephone. That means avoid directly meeting anybody until you have screened them over the phone. Ask new clients to call first or email you. On your profile, there is a form that they can fill in. You can use this to get information about them. Get as much info as you can in a professional manner. Then, follow up with a phone call to get a feel for the client. Don’t post a physical address on your ad where they can contact and even stalk you. Try to avoid anonymous and free services such as KIK to reduce the number of dangerous clients and timewasters. Remember, if the client can’t afford a burner mobile and phone credit, how will he afford your services?


If a particular client is contacting you for the first time, you need to get the following information

He should have a phone number where you can contact him.

The number should preferably be a land line or hotel number for out calls

A mobile phone number for in calls.

For out call appointments, if the client insists that he only has a mobile number, take extra precautions.

Terms of Service

You are an escort and working professionally. You don’t want your clients to have the wrong information about the services you provide.

Make it absolutely clear to the client that payment is officially for time spent with you, this involves companionship.

Do not mention anything about sex when communicating over the phone or by email.

All this information should be readily available to the client on your profile page.

If the client asks awkward questions, remind him all that information is on your profile.

Make sure the client is clear of the price and that cash is the acceptable method of payment, you don’t want a client turning up with a credit card.

Warning Signs

When you reach your client’s place, watch out for early warning signs. Here are a few things you can look out for.

If you have accepted an outcall at a client’s home, be extra careful when you get there. As a first rule, reach the place about 10 minutes earlier than you’ve promised and check out the surroundings.

If there are many vehicles parked, it could mean that there is more than just your client at the place. You don’t want to be an escort for multiple people at the same time, as it might be unsafe.

There could be loud music when you reach the place, don’t go in if you find this is the case. It sounds like they are having a party.

This is why you should make it absolutely clear to your clients that he must be alone in the house. Google maps is a great way to view the clients address before you get there. Simply click on the street view option and take a look around.


When you are on an outcall, you want to arrange for your own transport. Let the client know that you will reach the agreed place by yourself. Do not accept to be picked up from your place.

Clients may suggest they pick you up but this is quite dangerous. If possible, have a driver who can drop you at the client’s place and pick you up after a specified number of hours.

Let your client know that you have a driver waiting for you outside. This will also keep your meeting with him cordial.


One of the primary rules to be successful as an escort is to avoid intoxication at all costs. Don’t drink before arriving at your client’s place. Firstly, this will come off as unprofessional and secondly, the client may try to take advantage of the situation. Before you meet, make it clear to your client that you do not want any kind of drugs present where you meet. It can also get you in trouble with the law. It the client wishes to have a drink then this should be done in moderation, if the client looks like he’s getting drunk this may be a good time to leave. The client could have mixed something with the drink so as to get you intoxicated as soon as possible. You don’t want to face this situation at any time. If you do have a drink make sure you only drink from bottles you have opened yourself. Avoiding drinks and drugs will help you stay in control of the situation.

Method of Payment

Payment is one of the most important issues to consider when it comes to safety. It not only concerns how you accept payment, but also how you spend your money. The oldest way of accepting money is still the best, CASH. The only thing you have to worry about when accepting cash payments is whether or not the bank notes are real. If you accept a large sums of money it may be worth investing in a bank note pen checker. Simply write on the notes and if the pen noticeably marks them, the notes are counterfeit.

Time of Payment

Insist on payment as soon as you enter his place. This should really be the first thing when you meet him. You don’t want to have any trouble later. By getting the money upfront the client cannot refuse you payment at the end. When it comes to payment, you want everything to be quick and easy.

When in Doubt

The best way to avoid trouble with clients is to screen them before you accept their booking. Some clients however are very clever and they may pass your screening tests and still turn out to be less than gentlemen. Here is what you can do when you face any problems. Remember the earlier tip about having a driver with you. Along with having safe transportation, you also have someone you can call immediately when your client poses problems for you.

If you sense early that your client may turn abusive, make a simple excuse and tell him you will be back in a while. Slip out as quietly as you can. If you have collected the money already, you don’t have any problems. If you find yourself cornered, don’t attack your client directly because he will likely overpower you.

Try to keep calm and most importantly calm the client down, do your best not to escalate the situation.

Remind him that you have a driver or at least a contact knows where you are and if you don’t contact them they will come looking for you.

Try to leave a small personal object such as an earring or wrapped condom (remember the type) that you could positively identify if you decide to report the incident to the police.

Keep your mobile phone close and have 112 programmed in on a shortcut key.

Try and get out and attract the attention of a neighbours or passers-by. Use a personal attack alarm or scream.

Your Behaviour

The best possible way to make sure a client treats you with the respect you deserve is to be as professional in your dealings as possible. If a client thinks that you are cheap and desperate for money, he may assume you are ready for anything he wants. Remember YOU make the rules and those rules are made for a reason. Make your first contact professional. Be polite when talking on the phone. Stick to your rates and don’t let clients try to bargain with you.

Whenever the client talks about sex in a brash or vulgar manner warn him once and if he continues don’t accept his calls anymore. You’re not running a free sex chat business.

Arrive at your client’s place earlier than promised. Make sure the client knows you have a driver and you have to text him both when you arrive and when you are leaving.

Never argue with a client who may be intoxicated, this can often fuel a drunks temper. If a client does turn out to be drunk, make your excuses and leave. Drunk customers are normally problem customers.

If the client expects something you’re not happy with then tell him. He should have read the services on your website and is probably just pushing his luck.

Hotel Outcall Safety Tips

Before going out, get the client’s room number and name of the hotel, and arrange to phone him back. If he’s not happy with that do not go as he may have something to hide. Get the hotel telephone number from Eniro.

After you’ve confirmed the hotel number phone the client back and arrange to meet him.

Try to meet first-time clients in a public place, like the hotel bar, particularly if you haven’t managed to speak with them yourself.

On your way out, pay attention to the area around the hotel and potential points of safety, such as bus routes, taxis, busy streets, open shops, bars, etc.

On arrival, memorise the layout of the hotel and escape routes from the room or suite.

Pay attention to details in the room and know the hotel room number so you could positively identify the room if you need to.

Watch out for any cameras that may be concealed in the room and don’t forget that many mobile phones have cameras built-in.

Keep as much clothing on as possible in case you have to run.

If you are uncertain about a client, leave immediately.

Try to get yourself or the client seen by CCTV cameras that may be positioned in the Hotel entrance.

Don’t Identify Yourself

While you want information about your clients, you don’t want them to know much about you. Anonymity is very important in this industry. By getting to close to clients you can leave yourself wide open to stalkers and if they know your friends and family, even blackmail. You should do the following things to be safe.

Carry only the most essential things in your purse and on your person. A mobile phone and some emergency cash.

Don’t carry any form of ID in your purse. A clever person can peek into your purse and get information about you.

Use an alias to identify yourself. When you advertise, do it under this alternative name. You don’t want this name to have any official records.

Further Information

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