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Only book and meet Independent Escorts

There are two basic options when arranging to see an Escort:

Incall – You visit the Escort.

Outcall – The Escort visits you.

You should only book appointments with independent Escorts, if you ever suspect anything else, cancel the booking. This is safety tip number 1 and should be followed at all times, anything else involves a very high risk of either getting robbed, or worse, arrested.

When working as an Independent, the escort is essentially working for herself and typically will offer an “outcall service” to your home or hotel and / or “in call service” at her own home or alternative accommodation that the Escort uses for the purpose of conducting her business. An independent escort will be essentially working for herself, she will be responsible for arranging her own internet site, advertising and for the most part the Escort you call on the telephone, will be the one you actually get to see.

When making outcall visits to you or your hotel, some independent escorts will employ a driver in order to transport them to their appointment, and again offer a basic level of security. Drivers are generally most discreet and should remain unseen and unheard by any client. Drivers will tend to park a comfortable distance from your home to avoid the inquisitive glances of your neighbours, or if the outcall is to your hotel will wait in the hotel car park for their Escort. When an escort arrives, she may call her driver to confirm her safe entry into your home and will call the driver again when she is ready to leave your home or hotel room.

Making a Booking

Generally the key here for any prospective client is to be as professional, polite and efficient as possible when contacting any Escort for the first time. If you are making contact by phone, firstly make sure your phone does not withhold its number – most Escorts will not answer calls from withheld numbers (with good reason).

Secondly, it isn’t recommended to make first contact with an Escort via SMS.

If you’re not comfortable revealing your phone number to the Escort, then buy a burner phone and some pay as you go phone credit, and if you cannot afford this, then you certainly can’t afford an Escort’s services!

Once you do actually get to speak the Escort of your choice, if you are feeling nervous or this is going to be your first time with a Escort – then be honest and say so. The Escort should be understanding and certainly should be used to dealing with “first timers” and do their best to put you at your ease.

Most ladies, will typically have a short “spiel” describing the appearance of the Escort, and occasionally detail the basic services on offer. It is wise not to push for too much detail with regard to the actual services on offer as many, prefer not to discuss this information on the telephone and will go over the services on offer to you upon your arrival.

If you’re looking for something specific, then you should search and read the profiles on this site carefully to find a provider.

Do take the time to be clear on the exact cost involved and the duration of the booking.

It will then be time for you to a make a decision about when and where to book an appointment. In the case of the Escort making an outcall booking to your hotel it is usual for them to request your name, the name and address of hotel, your reservation number and the number of hotel room (if available at that stage).

The Escort will normally call you that day and again often an hour or two before the appointment to confirm that she is “on her way” and get details of your room number if not already provided. Basically, the same applies for a visit to you home; you will need to give your name, home address, and typically your landline number.

Providing the landline number is generally accepted to be used to confirm the booking is genuine and the telephone number belongs to the address given.

When arranging an in-call, once you have agreed a date and time you will normally be given a location to drive to – typically close to where the in appointment is going to take place. You will then be asked to call the Escort about ten minutes prior to your appointment for the final directions to the actual in-call location itself. Be aware that often the directions you receive are not always the best, so it is always best to have Google Maps handy if you are in an unfamiliar location.

Arrival, Payment, etc

If you have arranged an outcall visit, prior to the Escorts’ arrival it is wise to exercise a little common sense and prepare for their visit. Remember the Escort is making a visit to “unknown territory” so it is wise to make sure your house is clean and tidy,basically ready your home in the same manner as you would for any special house guest coming to visit you. Make sure that the sheets, pillow cases are all freshly laundered and a few clean towels are to hand- little things like this whether you actually regard them as common sense or just plain common courtesy – will help ensure your time with the Escort is far more enjoyable for the both of you.

It is critical to ensure that you are also immaculately clean and tidy too! Do make the effort to have a thorough bath or shower prior to the Escort’s arrival. Being clean shaven, taking the time to put on a little aftershave and deodorant and also a good session with some mouthwash is a very wise move. Prepare just as you would for any special date with any lady, Escort or otherwise! This of course also applies to in-calls – you should be clean and presentable when visiting and likewise you should reasonably expect the same from her.

Payment for the booking is nearly always made in cash upon arrival, it is best to count out the cash first and place this in an envelope, passing this to the Escort immediately saving her having to ask for it. A few Escorts take Swish, but this should be clarified and agreed with them prior to the booking.

When you arrive for an in-call appointment you may be offered shower or bath facilities. Clearly if you have not been able to make yourself look beautiful prior to your arrival then here’s your chance. You may also be invited to take a shower or bath before you leave too should you wish.

In terms of what to expect from a first encounter, then this can vary from Escort to Escort and your own specific requirements. Typically, you will go off to a bedroom, and be asked to undress while the Escort typically undresses down to her underwear and readies herself in the bathroom and joins you in the room.The session may start with the Escort giving you a massage, this should help you to relax, have a bit of a chat with her and things should naturally progress from there!

As ever when being intimate with anyone for the first time, it is best to be as gentle and polite as possible, if you want to receive say, oral sex then ask politely! Again, it really is common sense but it is best to avoid giving the Escort’s head a hearty shove downwards toward your genitals while shouting, “suck my cock”. All in all, just take things easy, and as the girl knows you are a little inexperienced with all this, it may be best to let her take the lead and you relax and enjoy things, until you are a little more comfortable and confident.

The critical thing here is your own behaviour and attitude, being nervous is nothing to be ashamed of! However, think carefully about how you speak to the Escort, be friendly and polite, also especially on arrival (first impressions and all that!) think about your body language so you don’t appear aggressive or intimidating – try to ensure you are the “perfect gentleman”.

The Long Arm of the Law

If, even after taking all sensible precautions, you are arrested. Ensure that you say absolutely nothing until you have legal representation.

The Police may offer to not inform your family, or search your home, if you confess, however that is a lie. They will do all of this, no matter if you confess or not, and the court summons will go to your home address.

Make sure you get legal representation before making any kind of statement on the record.

Once you’re arrested, you’re pretty much screwed, however it is extremely difficult for the Police to secure a conviction without your confession. Most Escorts will never ever make a statement to the Police, as it is bad for business, and even with a confession from the Escort, it is still not enough to secure a conviction. This is why you need to get legal representation as soon as possible, and make no statement until you have had advice.

Just because you have been arrested, it does not mean that you will be convicted. The Police are never on your side, and will lie to get you to confess. They are allowed to do this, so bear that in mind.

Your one and only chance is a Lawyer!

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