9 Tips to get the most out of your profile and attract Clients.

This is a basic guide, or 101, on how to maximise the effectiveness of your profile, and other online advertising, to get more Clients, better Clients and repeat Clients.

1. It’s all about trust. Yes really!

As an escort, you are selling services. As with any other sales job, a Client that trusts you, is a Client that will buy from you. Simple as that.
The way you create and use your Profile should always aim to increase trust between you and your Clients.

2. Use a name!

Yes, this is pretty basic, but do not create a profile called “Sexy Baby 69” or anything else that is not a name of a person. You do not, and should not, use your own name. There are many lists on the internet to find a name if you are finding it difficult to choose one at random. Here is a link to some we have collected.
By having the name of a person, you will be more likely viewed as a person and not an object. Clients that view you as a person, will treat you better, and you will more easily develop a rapport with your clients.
Using the same name for all your profiles will help build your brand and encourage repeat visits from Clients.
Remember that repeat Clients are less likely to cause you problems, as well as providing some financial stablity.

3. Write your contact number as one number!

When you write your phone number, don’t add spaces and other characters e.g 0700-123456 or 070 012 3456 etc. Write the phone number as one continuous number e.g. 0700123456 or +46700123456.
If a Client is viewing your number on a mobile device, it is easier for them to copy and call the number, Escortsidan will even allow them to click and call directly, and this works best if the number is not broken up with spaces and dashes.

4. Have at least one picture

Clients like to know what they are getting, a simple selfie from the neck down will do wonders for your profile. A profile with a picture is more trustworthy than one without, and Clients know this.
If you really don’t want a picture on your profile, then at least use a cartoon picture, something that maybe matches your personality in some way?

5. Don’t use fake pictures from the internet

Don’t take pictures from other people’s profiles, and don’t steal them from pron sites, and blogs. This is not only unethical, but it’s more often than not pretty obvious, have a look at Backpage as an example of what happens when you allow profiles to become infested with fake pictures.
By using your real pictures, Clients will know what to expect, so you will have less problems, and better reviews. Better reviews, lead to more Clients.
We actively monitor profile for fake pictures, and take reports from members seriously.

6. Avoid free anonymous chat services like KIK

Services like KIK, where it is easy to set up multiple anonymous accounts, allow problem or dangerous Clients (such as stalkers) to keep contacting you, even when you block them.
Remember that a person that has bad intent, has every reason to be as anonymous as possible. By requiring that Clients have a phone number, should you block them, it will cost that Client money and hassle to change to a new number. Keep doing this and they will give up.
This trust goes both ways, and by using the more established method of phone calls and SMS, Clients are also more likely to trust you and book.

7. Get Verified Status

Verifying your Profile means that we have inspected a picture of you, and checked that you are the same person as the pictures in your Gallery. This is optional, and is free to do. We never reveal your verification photo, and once verification is complete, we do not store the picture either 🙂

8. Get Featured Status

If you want to be shown in the ribbon that goes across the whole site, then you need Featured Status. Featured is optional, and you can use the site as a free member forever if you so wish 😉

9. Get Premium Status

If you want maximum visibility, then you should go for Premium Status. This ensures that your profile is always one of the first displayed when Clients browse the site. Premium is optional, and you can use the site as a free member forever if you so wish 😉

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