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Here are some links to tools, information or resources that we think could be useful to you:

Eniro Android App

You can use this together with a Smartphone to try to screen Clients. For more advanced solutions you can contact the Admin.


A prepaid Mastercard you can use to make private payments.

BeFunky Online Photo Editor

A free online tool you can use to edit your pictures before uploading to your profile. If you need help with image editing, for example obscuring your face in a picture, you can contact the Admin.

Fuck Förbundet

A community for sex workers in Sweden and Swedish sex workers abroad. They offer peer-to-peer support, harm reduction and member activities among other things. They also advocate for sex workers rights and decriminalisation. Fuck Förbundet is run by Sex Workers for Sex Workers.

The Rose Alliance

Similar to Fuck Förbundet, they offer support and information for escorts, run by escorts.


RFSU (the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education) was founded in 1933. Today it is the leading organisation in Sweden in the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). RFSU has no party political or religious affiliation.

How to become an Escort

Another guide for newcomers to the industry.

Why you shouldn’t study Sexwork

An article about why you shouldn’t take part in academic studies regarding sexwork, good to understand before you reply to academics and journalists looking to exploit you.


A forum for discussing all aspects of sex work in the Nordic countries.

KAST – Råd och stöd för dig som köper sexuella tjänster

KAST står för Köpare Av Sexuella Tjänster och är en verksamhet som erbjuder dig som vill sluta köpa sex anonym rådgivning och stödsamtal via telefon, e-post eller tidsbokade besök. Även anhöriga är välkomna att höra av sig.

Vi vänder oss till dig som köper sexuella tjänster eller tycker dig ha problem med porrsurfning eller liknande. Till oss är alla välkomna, oavsett kön eller sexuell identitet. Kontakten med oss är kostnadsfri och du kan vara anonym. Vi har sekretess.

KAST – Köpare av sexuella tjänster
Telefon 020–220 440
Besöksadress: Sabbatsbergsvägen 1
E-post: [email protected]

PrevenTell – Helpline for unwanted sexuality

PrevenTell is a national helpline for those who feel they have lost control of their sexual behavior, who are perhaps worried about their thoughts and actions, or who are afraid they might hurt themselves or someone else. With us, you will have a chance to speak anonymously with someone who has a great deal of professional experience with questions like these. Someone who can give you advice and then help you get further treatment if this is something you need. Of course, those who are loved ones or merely have questions about sexual problem behavior are also welcome to call us.
020-66 77 88

Jourhavande medmänniska

Det är en telefonjour som är öppen för alla, alla kvällar och nätter året om. Du kan ringa och prata om vad du vill. Du får vara anonym.
08-702 16 80


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